oh god, i didnt break anything did i?

there you are! you went off with him to his zone. i missed you.

he made you tea? i didnt think he was the friendly kind. i figured he was just interrogating you about how you ended up in our webcity.

. . .

yes, he sees me as a little brother. i see him as my big brother. i guess it works out because we've known eachother for, like, ever.

. . .

oh, i'd been traveling the web for years before i decided to live here. my big brother and i made our own little zones here, and thats been our home ever since.

. . .

haha! that's weird. you have a bad memory, don't you? "ripped from reality"? all i did was use a little code to bring you back here.

... it didnt hurt, did it?

. . .

oh thank god. i dont know what i'd do if i accidentally hurt you.


hang on, lemme get the door